History - St Ives Hotel

The History of St Ives Hotel

St Ives Hotel was built in 1840 at a cost of £750 for a Lieutenant General Playdell who served in the Indian Army and at that time it was Alisa Tower.

It is not certain when it became a hotel but there is evidence of it being used for such purpose in 1907. Records show that the name was changed to St Ives Hotel in the 1960s. Most probably the new owners at that time liked to recall their happy holidays in Cornwall.

Sir Harry Lauder is associated with the property as he advanced a bond of £500 for the purchase in 1904 to Donald Mcallum.

Matt and Sandra Yates who came from North of England purchased the hotel in 1983. At that time it was Golden Rail hotel with 11 bedrooms (none en-suite) and 2 public bathrooms. Matt and Sandra did some extensive building works returning the rooms to their original size and installed bathrooms to all the now 7 rooms.

Jon and Katia bought St Ives from The Yates in August 2017. They relocated from London with their 3 children Mya, Danila and Charlie to follow their dreams and make a new life in beautiful Scotland. Four months into the ownership, they closed the Hotel in November to give it a complete makeover. The challenge was to retain some of St Ives' original Victorian features and make it fresh, comfortable and modern at the same time! Here is a sneaky peek at what took place: